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Traffic Engineering

Gibson Transportation Consulting staff prepares detailed traffic impact and transit analyses for both public and private sector clients, including those for some of the most controversial and challenging projects in Southern California. The scopes cover traffic impact analysis, construction plans, neighborhood traffic management, site access and circulation, project alternatives, and pedestrian and bikeway planning. We work with multi-disciplinary teams, comprised of private developers, engineers, architects, planners, and public agencies, to develop effective transportation improvement and mitigation programs.

Transportation Planning

Gibson Transportation Consulting provides transportation services for a variety of projects including strategic plans, specific plans, areawide planning efforts, visitor and event centers, and transportation congestion management. Working closely with public agencies, neighborhood councils, and land use planning and design firms, we develop effective solutions that integrate land uses with the transportation framework.


Gibson Transportation Consulting staff creates successful parking solutions for theme parks, stadia, sports centers, shopping centers, visitor and event centers, downtown districts, industrial parks and office buildings, institutions, and mixed-use developments. Our expertise includes demand and utilization surveys, projections, management programs, efficient layout and design, shared parking, financial feasibility, parking pricing, and special event parking plans. Pat Gibson co-authored both editions of the Urban Land Institute's Shared Parking, and the Urban Land Institute and International Council of Shopping Centers' Parking Requirements for Shopping Centers, 2nd Edition.

Transit Planning

Gibson Transportation Consulting staff provides planning services for transit corridors, transit facilities, and park-and-ride facilities. Working closely with transit agencies, city departments, and private developers, we develop safe, accessible, and efficient designs that integrate transit service with surrounding land uses.

Transportation Design

Gibson Transportation Consulting works closely with civil engineers and public agencies, including the California Department of Transportation and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, to prepare conceptual and preliminary plans for freeway ramps, interchanges, roadways, and guide signs.


Gibson Transportation Consulting staff members serve as the transportation engineers on LEED certification teams. We work with multidisciplinary teams, comprised of developers, architects, landscape planners, land use attorneys, and civil engineers, to develop the site planning and design principles for projects seeking LEED certification. We apply planning principles to the transportation and land use-related aspects of project design. Our goal is to assist in developing green and sustainable developments that promote non-auto dependence, have pedestrian and transit-friendly designs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and support multi-modal transportation. Key projects include the NBC Universal Evolution Plan, Metro Universal transit-oriented development, and the Wilshire Grand Redevelopment Project.







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