Brian Hartshorn

Senior Associate

Brian Hartshorn has over 26 years of experience in large and small scale transportation impact reports, including new development, redevelopment, land use modifications, general plan amendments, parking, access and circulation review studies throughout Southern California. Brian specializes in complex network analyses, coordinated systems analyses, and micro-simulation for planning, operational, and presentation needs.

Brian recently created micro-simulations and circulation studies for NBCUniversal to demonstrate the effect of freeway ramp alternatives and driver travel times, and toll plaza discharge rates. He built a micro-simulation for the Downtown Los Angeles Flower Street/Figueroa Street corridor to test the effects on vehicular queuing and travel times with proposed lane closures. Other micro-simulations have been calibrated to test pedestrian movement through busy intersections, including “scramble” type operations and/or grade separated crossings, as well as public transit stops, fixed rail systems, and bicycle corridors.

He also conducted a unique data collection and route alternative study that included time travel surveys for Tesoro Refinery to evaluate the cost benefits of shuttling over 2,200 employees from various locations.

Ongoing projects include traffic impact studies for the Brentwood School Master Plan and for Westfield at several of its centers, as well as traffic circulation and pedestrian movement studies for the Wilshire Grand Redevelopment Project in Downtown Los Angeles, and transportation planning analyses for large-scale mixed-use developments from San Diego to Los Angeles. Current microsimulation studies are in progress for the downtown Los Angeles Streetcar alignments and for a future theme park garage.

Brian has served as the project manager for the development of the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Bus Stop Handbook, including overseeing inventory of all OCTA bus stop amenities and access connectivity to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as the organization and development of the ADA compliance study for the City of El Cajon (Phases I and II). He also managed the traffic studies for the Cumulus Mixed Use Project in West Los Angeles, as well as developed infrastructure needs for the Beverly Center in West Los Angeles.


26 years


Bachelor of Arts,
University of California, Riverside